About Dave McDonald

Dave McDonald was born in Watford Hertfordshire in 1951. When he was 14 years old he moved to the small town of Ware in Hertfordshire and went to school in Hertford. He always excelled in art subjects and gained an "A" level in art within one year, then left school for higher education. He moved to the East Midlands at the age of 23 after studying Graphic Design at Stevenage for 3 years where he gained "The East Anglian Certificate in Design. This creative period gave him his real enthusiasm for photography. Since that time he has worked as a freelance graphic designer and photographer for clients such as"Signs Magazine" where he held the position as Art Director for a short while, Dragoon Insurance Nottingham, The NHS Derby, The National Probation Service and The Derbyshire Youth Service along with many others. Combined with his love of the far high places and photography he is a prolific producer of images capturing that all important split second, a lasting record of his adventures. I hope you love the images on this website as much as Dave McDonald did in creating them.